$1 Project

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Happy November everyone….
Ok I won’t discuss about my -correlation system trading- this week..
I’m doing a $1 project, I’m going to double it every week, so in the end of the twelveth week, it should be $4096 (1 – 2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32 – etc)

I’ll share the method if this works fine.

pretty much a combination of swing and scalping with large lots.


October 2010 Week 4 – Second Exit (Loss)

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2nd loss this week.. oh my.. after holding my trade more than 30 hours then I’m lost.
bad market shoo shoo..

personal opinion… i don’t think there will be strong movement for multipair market.
But as we know.. market always right. So.. whatever, I’ll trade whenever there is good setup.

October 2010 Week 4 – Second Entry (Buy)

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Yeah, another chance to trade.
Correlation is back, gentlemen.

Entered buy on Tuesday at 8.00 GMT (15.00 WIB)

October 2010 Week 4 First Exit (Loss)

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Oh my..
That was quick. Got kicked by stop loss.

Market is sure always unreadable, I can only follow it, yet sometimes it is very hard to follow.
If somebody says he/she/shemale can read the market movement, they must’ve been halucinating, or more pathetically they are just doing a self justification for something they actually unable to comprehend.

Yen pairs are going down, hard. The correlation is not good, USD still not moving, still in up tendency, but slowly goes down.

Ok hope there are chances to make this up this week.

October 2010 Week 4 – First Entry (Buy)

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Good morning everyone!
after having a good profit last week, I will try to repeat that again this week.
Last week of October 2010, next week will be November trade…

I just entered buy at 1:00 GMT (8.00 WIB).
Let us see where the market goes.

I will post my trade report for October 2010 by the end of this week. Unfortunately I only have trade report since last week because I migrate my deposit to another broker site, so I only have trade history since last week.

October 2010 Week 3 – Third Exit (Win)

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Added 10% to my account this week.
My trade is done for this week.
Start again next week.

October 2010 Week 3 – Third Entry (Sell)

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Previously I had a losing trade. This is the next, the third one.

Entered Sell AGAIN!
hopefuly this one works. doubled lot again.

Entred at 2.00 GMT (9.00 WIB)

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